FEBR 22 - MARC 24, 2019


Culti is the third exhibition at Closed—Languages. Featuring works by Galveston-based artist, Nick Barbee, Culti revisits the installation of a maquette museum of memory alongside a supplemental, full-scale sculpture.

PS 1 2005

Karin Olivier

Untitled (Coffee Table) 2000-2005


Terras 2005 (This might be misdated)

Glenn Ligon

Malcolm X (Version 1) #1 2000


Storefront For Art and Architecture 2005

Robert Ryman

I swear I saw a Robert Ryman Painting here, but I con not find a record of it


D'Melio 2007

Karin Sander

Mailed Paintings


D'Melio Terras 2002

Karin Sander

Karin Sander


Hirshhorn 2000

Giovanni Anselmo Invisible 1971

*I want a hand model like this one


Baltimore Museum of Art 2007 (I think this is misdated)

Franz West Passstuecke

From the exhibition "To Build a House Start with the Roof"


HIrshhorn 2012

Andy Warhol


Cheim and Reid 2007

Lynda Benglis


Frick Collection

Hans Holbein the Younger

Sir Thomas More


Fisher Landau 2009

Douglas Boatwright

Eclipse/ O

*bad documentation but when you walked into this group show a mirrored bulb is aggressively placed in the entrance. then there is other peoples big work then later in a stairwell there is this print out of a Time Magazine cover with Obama eclipsing a light. Two eclipses book ending a show


Menil Collection 2010

Marcel Duchamp


National Gallery of Art 1997

Jaques Louis David


Menil Collection 2009

just the room (website)


Phillips Collection 1997

Mark Rothko


Metropolitan Museum of Art

just the room

*maybe they repainted


National Gallery of Art

Cy Twombly

*this may be misdated


Canada 2009

Matt Connors

*misdated and terrible documentation. The gallery walls were painted with a white border and the sloppy geometric abstractions were hung on those walls. The Gallery was in a converted butcher shop and had these amazing stone floors that had gutters for blood. The painting I recreated was black squares on a stretched blue shirt and was framed 3 sides around.


National Gallery of Art 1999

Sigmar Polke

Hope Is: Wanting to Pull Clouds


Pierogi 2007

Dawn Clements

*likely misdated, can't find a record of the exhibition


Hirshhorn 2017

Jimmie Durham


“My focus is on the role of representation in the construction of culture and meaning. Like an amateur historian, I attempt to grasp the larger arc of history by favoring mundane objects and by collecting stories. Historical reenactment is a model for my studio practice as reenactments are both a representation of an event and the event itself. I reference historical eras by representing distinct objects and events such as ballistic diagrams, Valley Forge, birch bark canoes, New World exploration and by representing diverse historical figures such as Pocahontas, Arthur Ashe, George Washington, and Marion Barry.” 

Born in 1981, United States. Barbee lives and works in Galveston, Texas.