APRI 5 - APRI 21, 2019

Scene Number Eleven From A Thunderstorm Toy.jpg

ACIDULATIONS is the fourth exhibition at Closed—Languages, featuring works by September Diencephalon and Greg Meza.

Diencephalon and Meza’s contributions can be thought of as inquiries and enumerations of humdrum digitized experiences, recounted through polarizing painting techniques.


September Diencephalon received a Master of Fine Arts from Yale University School of Art. Recent solo exhibitions include Will you listen to the problems of a stranger? at Pay Fauxn, Brooklyn, NY (2017) and Tadpole and Baby Bottles at Bible, New York, NY (2017).

Greg Meza is an artist currently living and working in Dallas, Texas. His loose approaches to painting and sculpture, often teetering between abjection and the absurd, is largely informed by the films and iconography of 1970s-90s American pop culture, as handed down by the artist’s father. Meza’s practice further extends into musical composition, performance and video. He currently works at Deadbolt Studios in Dallas, TX, and will be included in an upcoming group show at Permanent Research Project (PRP), Dallas, TX (2019)