FEBR 22 - MARC 24, 2019


Culti is the third exhibition at Closed—Languages. Featuring works by Galveston-based artist, Nick Barbee, Culti revisits the installation of a maquette museum of memory alongside a supplemental, full-scale sculpture.

“My focus is on the role of representation in the construction of culture and meaning. Like an amateur historian, I attempt to grasp the larger arc of history by favoring mundane objects and by collecting stories. Historical reenactment is a model for my studio practice as reenactments are both a representation of an event and the event itself. I reference historical eras by representing distinct objects and events such as ballistic diagrams, Valley Forge, birch bark canoes, New World exploration and by representing diverse historical figures such as Pocahontas, Arthur Ashe, George Washington, and Marion Barry.” 

Born in 1981, United States. Barbee lives and works in Galveston, Texas.